How to Spend Money During the Holidays (and After)

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BF37% of us in the United States will go shopping on Black Friday, another 57% of us enjoy the experience (Buzz Feed). And according to recent findings from Google News, about 2.5 million stores began promoting the critic dreaded, “Black Thursday”.  Through the imminent and yearly described chaos of the Black Friday tradition, the question is – why do Americans flock to superstores this one day of the year to spend, spend, and spend? Answer – The savings you get from the DEALS!

As a U.S. consumer it’s almost impossible to resist any retailer’s 75% discount on the latest techno-gadget that will elevate the maneuverings of your everyday life. Recently, Retail Me Not, Inc., proved that most consumers (81%) always consider promotions when planning where to shop. No wonder Black Friday has become an engrained tradition in our consumer based culture – the average person during the holidays will spend around $861 this season! (American Research Group, Inc.)

So, you know you’re going to spend the money during the holidays, but how can you successfully plan for it so you are not caught on December 23rd with your spouse asking you where the last of the holiday savings went? You shudder knowing that the extra cash went to….where did it go?

“The Clearing Account”

One of our agents, Brad Gibb, has created what he calls “The Clearing Account”. In short, this account helps you manage large purchases with your whole life policy that you know are coming, and you know will take up a chunk of your money if you aren’t persistent in watching your spending habits, i.e. gift giving during the holidays. Your personal banking strategies, managed by a “clearing account” makes it easy for even the most money negligent to follow.


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The brilliant concept of using Whole Life insurance is that you can use the cash value to buffer the large expenditures you have in life, not just for holiday spending; but for weddings, college, or personal expenses like a new home or car.

For more information of how to spend money the smart way visit our Resource Library Page.


Table of Contents

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