Climbing Retirement Mountain- Compare With And Without A Perpetual Wealth Strategist


The tradition retirement planning approach is in trouble.

Planning for retirement is a lot like climbing a mountain. It’s a long, difficult climb to the summit. It can be dangerous and treacherous, but it really doesn’t have to be if you use the right tools and strategies.

This infographic is packed full of interesting statistics and ideas around the state of retirement plans for workers in the United States:

  • An averaged retired household needs $736,884 for retirement
  • 60% of workers have less than $25,000 saved up for retirement
  • Average retirement savings when no plan is in place is only $62,087
  • The average household spends $40,938 per year during retirement

These staggering statistics show that most individuals have not adequately prepared for retirement. They also show that lackluster returns the market has given investors, creating a shortage that is not likely to be filled. In this article we’ll show you the advantage that comes with working with a perpetual wealth strategist

Journey up the financial planning mountains:

  1. BASE CAMP: Pre-family – This is the crucial foundation building phase. Begin planning and establish healthy financial habits.
  2. BASE CAMP: family and business financial planning
  3. FINAL ASCENT: when planning for retirement, consider critical questions
  4. SUMMIT: Retirement
  5. DESCENT: Retirement Years

Download the article now to learn more about how you can better prepare for your own climb to the top of the retirement mountain and plan for a successful retirement utilizing a perpetual wealth strategist.

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