Using A Perpetual Wealth Strategy As Permanent Growth Path For Your Business


We live in a world of commotion and uncertainty. It is essential to have control of your assets and the freedom to use them when and how you need to help your company grow with a perpetual wealth strategy.

Business owners use banks for many different reasons including:

  • Purchasing Equipment
  • Inventory
  • Company expansion
  • Advertising
  • Real Estate/Buildings
  • Cars, etc.

Over a lifetime, business owners will spend millions of dollars on purchases, and pay banks hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest for those purchases. Imagine the freedom you could gain from not having to apply for a loan, submit a business plan, be subject to high interest rates or haggle over loan conditions. You can have all this freedom with a perpetual wealth strategy.

The power behind this wealth strategy comes when you utilize each of the characteristics we will discuss in this article: Liquidity, safety, rate of return and tax benefits. It is often said that an ideal financial product is one that possesses all of these characteristics. As you implement this concept into your business, we will educate you on how to use cash value as if it were a bank that you owned and controlled. You will use a preferred vehicle of banks, corporations and wealthy individuals, and you will utilize it just as they do. Here are just a few examples of the many other benefits that you receive from a perpetual strategy for wealth:

  • Death benefit circumvents probate
  • Cash value and death benefit protected from creditors
  • Ability to financially leverage both the cash value and the death benefit
  • Pension maximization
  • Smooth estate transfer
  • The Family Banking Concept
  • Supplemental or sole retirement vehicle
  • Ideal charitable vehicle
  • And many other benefits

You owe it to yourself to learn how the benefits of a perpetual wealth strategy can add financial stability to you and your business.

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A Wealth Maximization Account is the backbone of The Perpetual Wealth Strategy™