Are You Fishing in the Wrong Market?

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marketAfter careful preparation, commitment, and expense Alaskan residents rush to engage in the personal -use Salmon Fisheries at the Kasilof and Kenai Rivers.  This involves using a 60-inch net with an extended pole that looks similar to a pool cleaner setup, to catch fish.  There are those that luck out and return home with overflowing coolers of sockeye “red” salmon.  But the others, ill-fated, end up with chest waders full of sand, tired from heavy beach break, and frustrated with unwanted flounders. With over a million fish making it through the escapement each July, why do so many nets remain empty? It’s definitely not from any fisherman’s lack of effort, yet the fate is very predictable.

I have participated in this adventure for the last five years.  In hopes of a plentiful bounty, I’ve surrendered to what some would call a suicide run by driving through the night to fish a single tide change, then head to work.  Some seasons have been good, but most trying. The biggest hardship came when, a couple years back, my timing was two days late. While I stood in quiet waters with an empty net, my friends that were days ahead of me spent that time filleting and packaging their harvest.

It has me considering the conditions of the financial markets we might participate in. Just like the eager fisherman who sees those around bringing home bundles of catch, we eagerly attempt to try our luck for the same conclusion. But are we bringing the right tools, expertise, and understanding to those financial markets, or are we being beaten by the wasteful lows and not catching the substantial highs?

Where Should I Invest?

Too often than not, clients talk about diversification. Diversification does not only happen within the stock market, but by using other financial vehicles as well. An often overlooked asset is Life Insurance, specifically Whole Life Insurance. Why?

  • Tax deferred growth, with tax-free potential
  • Consistent ROI
  • Liquidity

There is a plentiful bounty available. You just need to know where to fish. Follow the link for more education on Whole Life Policy Insurance.

Braden Galloway

Table of Contents

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