How Do I Become A Millionaire?

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millionaire checkThere are more known millionaires today than ever before in history. Last year, reportedly 2 million earned a spot on the World Wealth Report’s millionaires list, making for a global increase of 15% (USA Today). Many financial pundits credit the increase of recent millionaire incomes to the stock market – but still, just as many people (if not more) lose money in the stock market than they do gain. On average a typical annual stock market return is 2.63% (

The American dream is founded on the idea of freedom. And considering, in the United States, individuals have the power to do almost anything they want to earn an income, one would think that becoming a millionaire on local soil is a well-treaded path. However, according to a Fidelity Investments study, becoming a High Net Worth Individual (HNWI) can for some, be unachievable.

Yet, time after time, people every day show us how to break the mold, stir the pot, and kick against the pricks to become a millionaire. As Fidelity points out, middle-class wage earners are missing key points in their monetary and physiological quest toward millionairdom ( So, the burning question resides: “How do I become a millionaire?”

According to Fidelity, individuals subconsciously adhere to six behaviors that keep them from getting ahead:

  • Time Horizon
  • Career
  • Income
  • Self-Made Status
  • Long-Term Focus
  • Investing Style

Time Horizon, Career, and Income focus on the idea that one, most successful investors by nature are in the last 20-30 years of their career. Two, if the executives in an individual’s company is not making millions themselves, than it’s likely they won’t make millions either. Three, the median income for the emerging-affluent in the U.S. is $125k, and the average millionaire earns at least $220k. If you are closer to the median income of $125k, than you naturally have farther to go to reach monthly millionaire earnings.

Self-made, long-term focus, and investing style are attributes that specifically point to the motivation of the individual. Fidelity proposes that on average, millionaires have learned how to leverage their unique personalities and skills to produce authentic results manifested in money. What it comes down to is, individuals who know themselves well enough, are those who know what it takes to make a seven figure income.

Millionaires Next Door

Becoming a millionaire might seem like a lot of decisive career moves and mental effort, but we at Paradigm Life are saying: it’s closer than you think.

Properly structured Whole Life Insurance is what gives every emerging affluent wage-earner the opportunity to become a millionaire. This is done by tapping into the same principles that banks use every day to earn a profit. It doesn’t take unique talent, super-human charisma, or financial genius; it takes education.

Wealth Builders

Whole Life Insurance is a vehicle that allows your money’s earning capacity to be maximized. When an individual places their money into a mutually owned life insurance account, they are able to receive a cash value that they can leverage into other wealth-building assets. In addition to capital, an individual with a whole life insurance policy still earns a steady rate of return, their policy’s performance is not subject to market loss, and they can pass along a death benefit.

This flexibility with money is what allows the upper median-income earner to become a High Net Worth Individual because they are utilizing the strategies that Wall Street and bankers use every day.

Whole Life Insurance allows average income earners the opportunity to build sincere wealth.


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Table of Contents

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