Podcast For Your Life

Podcast for Your Life

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Podcast for Your Life
Podcast for Your Life

Just as the internet can shorten the amount of time you spend researching a subject, podcasts can make understanding niche topics easy and convenient. Producing a podcast as part of your business’ marketing model is another social media-esque tactic to increase your outreach – and it works! It’s time to Podcast for your life!

Podcast awareness has increased from 29% in 2012 to 163%. (ConverseDigital.com) People are listening to podcasts, as it’s convenient, direct, and personal.

There are some rules to podcasting though; you can’t just shoot from the hip. From content and style to your primary objective, podcasting takes some conscientious decision-making to produce an episode worth listening to.

Here are some Do’s and a few Don’ts to Fantastic Podcasting:

  • Do be Professional
  • Do create a content outline
  • Do Rehearse
  • Do Plug your business: Ebooks, promotions, features, etc.
  • Do use a specific hosting service
  • Do talk into your mic at an angle to avoid popping T’s , S’s and P’s.
  • Don’t Ramble
  • Don’t Ignore Your Audience
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Your Mind (light conflict can be refreshing)

Whether you’re new to podcasting or not, podcasting, within the last 5 years the genre has become sophisticated.

Podcastnomics: The Book of Podcasting… To Make You Millions, written by Naresh Vissa, reveals how to write, produce, host, and deliver sure-fire podcasts from start to finish.

You're Losing Your Money






Vissa knows what he’s talking about. He co-hosted The Wall Street Shuffle, a podcast in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, which became a top-rated financial talk show.

There’s also PodKick. PodKick’s tagline: We do the Hard Stuff so You Can Focus on Your Business. If you’re intimidated by the media genre, companies like Podkick and book’s like Vissa’s allow individuals the opportunity to win with their Podcasts.

To hear more about the art of podcasting and listen to Naresh Vissa and the PodKick Team, register for the Cash Flow Wealth Summit. Then, you won’t be as nervous when you’re podcasting for your life.


Table of Contents

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