Put Your Money in Motion to Increase Investment Returns

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Money in motion tends to stay in motion.

Keeping money in motion by moving it through assets is how you generate wealth. It’s not about saving piles of money in various accounts accompanied by strict limitations. It’s about leveraging money and multiplying its use for your profit.

Whole life insurance helps you multiply your money and keep it in motion.

Money in Motion Increases Investment Returns

Do you want to buy a rental property? Invest in a business? Will you need a car in two years? By saving your money in a cash value account  and using it to finance your vehicle, you get the car AND you get to keep your savings working for you, long after you pay back the car loan.

You can let money sit in your cash value account and you will experience safe, steady, modest growth. But the secret to accelerating wealth-building? USE your money! Follow the example of how banks make money. Move money THROUGH your accounts.

Find reliable investments where you can generate double-digit returns. Pay off or avoid using high-interest credit cards. Put a down payment on a second home that you can rent out when you’re not using it.

By using your money wisely, rather than letting your banker use it, you can:

  1. Grow Your Asset Base

Use money from one asset to purchase another asset.

  1. Increase Your Cash Flow through Leverage

When you purchase a cash flow investment like an investment property, or even loan a family member money, you increase your spendable cash flow.

  1. Build Wealth Safely through Diversification

You can diversify away from the dollar into assets that will have value in any economy. Ownership, not accumulation, is the foundation for prosperity!

  1. Decrease Taxes

By moving money from regular income to capital gains, you can lower your taxes.

  1. Control Your Money

Prosperity is not measured by how much money you have, but by how much FREEDOM you have with your money.

Don’t let your money just “sit” in a savings account. Learn about the essentials of whole life policy insurance through Paradigm Life’s free educational video course, Infinite 101.

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Table of Contents

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