Helping Others Makes You a Better Investor

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Creating value is what we do here at Paradigm Life. This should not only take place in a portfolio, but also in personal relationships as well. Contributions create value. It’s important to have the feeling that, when you walk away from every relationship, you’ve added value to that person’s life. You should both have a positive experience because both parties added to the transaction and feel like you got more out of it than you both put in.

The human need of contribution comes down to wanting to serve and to support because we feel that sense of sympathy and empathy for others. Service may not be one of those factors that is driving you right now, and that’s fine. Yet, once we get our feet on solid ground, the push to contribute may manifest at some point our lives.

You may be at this point in your life where you have enough money and are successful and are looking for that next things. It may be pursuing another business or finding a mentor and getting yourself driven to that next level. Yet, this major thing could also be giving back. It could be providing for others in less fortunate circumstances.

As you sacrifice your time and money, you walk away with something that is far more valuable than both your money and time. Not only is there that added internal value, but also the need to drive yourself to find greater success to impact the lives of more people.

We could all take a step back and look at the different ways that we’re weaving through life and trying to find our own success, while having the best possible experience. Focusing on needs, both internally and externally, may be exactly what we all need to realize the ways in which we can take the next step and grow.

Here at Paradigm Life, we enjoy being a part of that personal journey that not only bring success, but can lead to contributing to the people around us. Our wealth strategists can help you find a personal strategy to make that happen.


Table of Contents

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