BOOK RELEASE!: How Privatized Banking Really Works

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A Night of Clarity was a 2-day event put on by L. Carols Lara and Dr. Robert P Murphy in Nashville Tennessee on July 16th and 17th. The two recently wrote a book titled, “How Privatized Banking Really Works.” This is the first book written on the Infinite Banking Concept by professional economists. This podcast discusses the parallels between the Austrian Theory of Economics and The Infinite Banking Concept. Originally, Nelson Nash’s (creator of the Infinite Banking Concept) mentor and inspiration was Leonard Reed who founded The Foundation for Economic Education ( which is one of the foremost organizations advocating the Austrian Theory.

Joining Patrick on this podcast is Dr. Trever Keele, of Houston Texas, who is a client of Paradigm Life and an advocate of the Banking Concept; as well as Austrian Economics. He adds his valuable insight to the weekend based on his personal study of this theory, as well as his application of the Infinite Banking Concept.

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Table of Contents

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