Investment Systems

Investment Systems vs. Investment Products The initial thing that brought me to Paradigm Life was reiterated in one of our recent trainings on many of the truths that are hidden from many financial vehicles. I realized that I didn’t have a full, complete understanding of what I had going on or,Continue Reading

Become a Better Investor by Helping Others I’m gonna talk about one more need and then we will call it a podcast. The last one is contribution and this is very similar to what I said before about creating value. It’s understanding people and understanding the exchange that takes placeContinue Reading

Love in Investing

How Love Plays a Part in Investing I want to talk about a few other needs in addition to the ones I’ve addressed earlier. I’m speaking about connections and love. I’m not talking about romantic love per se, but rather being a part of a group. Who we are isContinue Reading

The Significance of Being Significant Previously I talked about two of the basic needs of humanity: the needs of certainty and uncertainty. I wanted to jump into a third need: the need of significance. And this is a big one and I think there’s always this drive. And I wouldn’tContinue Reading

Don’t Invest Alone. Get a Investment Mentor After talking to hundred of investors I’ve learned that the majority go into the experience with the feeling that they’re doing this for themselves, and so they’re on their own. They seek the education and the hand-holding they need to do it themselves.Continue Reading

How to Grow as an Investor I think we all hit those levels where life starts to get routine and mundane and boring. You want something new. I think this happens professionally as a business owner. We’re up to 60 plus people that work at Paradigm and I see thisContinue Reading

Financial Education

The traditional dogma or philosophy of education has been putting in your learning years and then going to your working years. But the reality of it is, they are all learning years. Talk to any student on campus and ask, “What are you doing?” And they’ll say they’re trying toContinue Reading

Alternative to Wall Street

Once an individual or family has gotten their feet under them, financially speaking, they start to look toward the future. How can they make the most out of their savings, to ensure that they are taken care of in the long run? Most of these people have either started researchingContinue Reading

Plan for Retirement

On May 16th we will be launching a brand new site. It’s not changing anything that we’re doing right now, really, but actually expanding our vision to the different stages of life. Each person comes from a unique situation and circumstance, and will need something different as part of theirContinue Reading