A Snapshot of the Cash Flow Wealth Summit

cash flow wealth summit

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cash flow wealth summit
A Snapshot of the Cash Flow Wealth Summit

Paradigm Life just wrapped up participating in the first annual Cash Flow Wealth Summit. This inaugural event turned out exceeding not only our expectations, but attendee’s expectations too. It was truly the first of its kind – a revolutionary (and virtual) Fin Tech event.

The Summit was also an extremely unique experience for those in attendance. Every participant was able to listen and learn from the comfort of their own home or office, yet still reap the same benefits as if being physically part of a brick-and-mortar financial conference.

Each attendee had the opportunity to engage with other attendees and speakers through chat rooms located at the virtual exhibit hall, which housed the presenter’s documents, blog links, books, and more.

Here’s just a few of the many attendee’s comments:

“The [CFWS] gave me a wealth of information, I enjoyed it tremendously!” 

“I enjoyed every moment of this summit! Great information! Thank you.” 

“Hands-down, this information was crucial for beginning Real Estate Investors. Many many thanks.” 

“Very informative. Great Presentations!” 


The speakers chosen to present at the Summit came from many different industries, but they all had one thing in common – they’re excellent at attracting, building, and sustaining a cash flow.

For instance Kim Kiyosaki, wife of Robert Kiyosaki, and author of Rich Woman, was one of the keynote speakers, as well as Ken McElroy, leading Real Estate Investor and Rich Dad Advisor.

Learning from the best and brightest minds in wealth building today is exactly why the Summit took place, and topics discussed were:

·         Proper Asset Protection ·         The Breakdown of Inflation
·         Real Estate Investing Markets ·         Tax Planning
·         Privatized Banking ·         Podcasting and Media Marketing
·         Social Entrepreneurship ·         Online Business & Networking


If you missed out on the Cash Flow Wealth Summit, there’s still time to listen. Each presentation will be available On Demand for 30 days.

So, take the opportunity to learn from individuals like Rich Dad Advisors, Real Estate Investors, Mediapreneurs, and successful Business Owners who have found financial abundance themselves.

Until next year, we hope you take the opportunity to listen to the summit and learn how to incorporate principles of financial abundance into your life.

Table of Contents

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