S.O.S! 3 Reasons to Rescue Yourself from a 401K

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Rescue Your Retirement
S.O.S! 3 Reasons to Rescue Yourself from a 401K

S.O.S. is the international distress signal and it more than applies to why you should rescue yourself from relying on volatile, market-dependent IRA and 401K accounts. There is something better, the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC). This is the tool you need to take control of your financial life as quickly as possible.


When you put your money in an IRA or 401K, you are dependent on the market, which we have seen can be extremely volatile. Today, you have a nice nest egg, tomorrow you could be flat broke, thanks to how quickly the market can change direction and its cyclical nature.
Plus, the economy is becoming increasingly interdependent with other countries so that if China has an issue, for example, we will feel in the U.S. almost immediately, which further increases the risk.

With the Infinite Banking Concept, you aren’t dependent on the market in any way, which means you aren’t exposing your retirement and savings to any risk at all. Your money will be safe.


There are numerous obstacles to building wealth and amassing a nice retirement nest egg, but the two main ones are fees and taxes. The fees and taxes that apply to 401Ks and IRAs are so exorbitant, that it’s practically impossible to build wealth. In fact, you’ll be lucky if you earn enough just to cover inflation.

You might point out that you’re not paying taxes on your 401K or IRA now, and that’s true. But you will in the future, and the one thing taxes won’t be doing is going down. You’re very likely to end up paying much more in the future as taxes are clearly trending upwards. IBC has many tax advantages that could reduce or eliminate that heavy tax burden.


Do you want your family’s current standard of living to be affected if you were to pass away suddenly? Of course not! Would you rather have a plan in place that will ensure your family can achieve their dreams and aspirations without having financial woes? Of course!

You can say that you will leave them an inheritance, so why should you worry? They’ll be taken care of, right? Yes, they will, but do you really want 25 to 40 percent of your wealth disappearing in the government’s pocket?

So, why leave an inheritance, part of which will go to the taxman, when you can transfer your wealth using a life insurance policy with a death benefit? The Infinite Banking Concept utilizes life insurance policies with death benefits that aren’t subject to income tax, which means it’s the most effective way to take care of your family without having to worry about how much they’ll have to pay in taxes.

So, safety, obstacles, and security (S.O.S.), is precisely why you should reconsider and start applying the Infinite Banking Concept now. After all, don’t you want your money safe from the volatility of the market? Don’t you want to build wealth without fees and taxes slowing down your progress? Don’t you want your family to be taken care of without having to hand over a huge chunk of your wealth to the government? Of course you do! And that’s precisely why you need to reconsider your position and get on the IBC train now.

Table of Contents

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