Why Your Social Media Presence Matters

Why Your Social Presence Matters

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Why Your Social Media Presence Matters
Why Your Social Media Presence Matters

How many times have you thought of a product, a business, or an idea to then discover that someone else beat you to it? Entrepreneurs today have a much higher advantage at getting their project off the ground than they did 10 years ago, thanks to the many social media platforms available.

Just recently Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter started to incorporate Ads into their business model. But what entrepreneur would pay for ad space when they, just like anyone else, has the power to be heard? With diligence and organization, social media can be a primary tool used to tell the world who you are, what you do and how people can give you their money.

Social Media has taken on its own life form. Back when MySpace was around (years before Facebook) no one knew the immense impact it would have on the way we perceive business or the way we do business. Businesses even use billboards to advertise the “like us on Facebook” call to action.

In short, social media is extremely important.

Force Yourself to Get Savvy

If you’re not social media inclined, it’s time to update your professional repertoire. Stay current, and you’ll stay ahead. Smartphones have made the virtual experience easy, including social media engagement. Many people get on their smart phone apps to kill time, and if you’re an entrepreneur, taking advantage of that time can mean the difference in conversions of customers.

Over 84% of [people] found that increased traffic occurred with as little as 6 hours per week invested in social media marketing and by spending as little as 6 hours per week , over 66% of marketers saw lead generation benefits with social media (hubspot.com). The proof is in the pudding.



One entrepreneur, Scott Paul, has taken social media marketing to a new level with his company Instafluence. Instafluence uses the “influencers” of social media to increase a company’s brand engagement.

We’re not talking celebrities here, but your everyday person who has used social media to enlist thousands, even millions of followers. Instafluence connects businesses to influencers, who then engage the public with that business’ message. Pretty cool, right? Harness the power of social media and it could change your business.

To learn more about succeeding in social media register for the Cash Flow Wealth Summit where you can listen to insights from Scott.


Table of Contents

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