The Law of the Harvest

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We live in an immediate gratification society that often leads us to believe that everything should happen instantaneously. The devices we all carry around every day reinforce this. Any information we need is a Google search away. Typing a few characters and pressing send, can contact any of our friends or family members. You want to check the weather, there’s an app for that. You want tickets to see the latest Marvel box office hit, there’s an app for that. You want almost anything delivered to your home or office within a day or two, Amazon has you covered.

This mentality of “I can have anything I want, as soon as I want it” is not only a great blessing, but can also be a curse to our financial growth. The opportunity to live during a time of great technological advancements allows us to receive as much information as we want as fast as we’d like. It also gives a false sense that wealth is created and built overnight.

Sure, there are stories of individuals accumulating large sums of money quickly. However, more often than not, true, stable, and secure wealth is built line upon line, here a little and there a little. Behind the scenes, you work hard and invest properly and then in 15 years, everyone around you thinks you’re an overnight success.

There are laws that govern our universe, laws that have consequences and outcomes no matter your belief system. Gravity is a good example of this. It doesn’t matter what I think in regards to the law of gravity, if I step over the edge of a cliff, that law takes over and I’m going to fall to the ground. The law of the harvest works in much the same way. We reap what we sow and it doesn’t happen overnight. but over a period of time.

Living on my grandpa’s farm as a young boy, I saw the law of the harvest take place every year. Every Spring, the tractors and plows would come out and begin to prep the ground for planting. Each field was mapped out carefully to determine what seeds were planted in what field. It was important to follow a rotation schedule so that one crop would not drain the soil of vital nutrients. Then the planting started, ranging from alfalfa to potatoes to sugar beets to wheat, among countless other crops.

The same thing happened every year. Once the seeds were planted, each field was on a watering schedule and the process of photosynthesis began. Weeks later you would begin to see the budding plants emerge from the soil showing the benefits of weeks of labor. And although the brown fields turned into a blanket of greenery, harvesting at that time would not only be unfruitful but disastrous to the long term growth of the crop and the reward of the harvest.

It was not until month and months later of work that the fields were ripe. Just as the cycle started in the Spring, it always ended in the Fall. There were certain things you had to do to make sure the harvest would come, but there was nothing you could do to speed up the harvest.

The same principles apply to building wealth. There are things you need to do in order to prep, plant and water your financial soil, but it will take time. The more you plant and water, the larger your harvest will be. To force the speed of the harvest often times proves unfruitful and detrimental to the legacy you can leave behind.

If you need help with your own personal law of the harvest in terms of finances, reach out to me or any other qualified Wealth Strategist.


Table of Contents

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