Why Whole Life Policies “Insure” Your Foundation

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riceThroughout time, record has shown how many ancient societies created contracts with others to secure safety. As we know it, Insurance dates back as early as 1750 BC, as Babylonians and sea merchants tried to minimize their risk on the open waters. As you’d expect, their form of security included tangible goods like grain, wool, and seeds.

Obviously, society has evolved to finding more complex strategies to secure a person’s survival. You might not be fighting off pirates on the sea, but you are fighting against intangible threats that rob your fortune like Wall Street, qualified retirement plans, inflation, and taxes.

Whole Life Insurance is used by those who understand that their money can only be protected by something that was established long before the IRS was invented, and long before the government began writing laws that took money from its citizens by way of heavy taxes and a Fiat Currency.

Whole Life Policy Offers:

  • Liquidity through a Guaranteed Cash Value
  • Safety against Government Regulation
  • Consistent Rate of Return
  • Tax Free Advantage

Many wealthy individuals like Walt Disney, J.C. Penney and the Rothschild Family have used Permanent Life Insurance to guarantee a solid foundation. Accessing these benefits is just the beginning. When a Whole Life Policy is structured correctly, anyone, even YOU, can maximize Wealth Potential.

Table of Contents

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