Infinite Banking Radio: Family, Business and Real Estate Financial Systems – Patrick Donohoe and John Stewart

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Financial Systems and ProcessesSystems and processes are an important part of everyday life and society.  They can help provide standards, guidance, uniformity and consistency.  You can find systems and processes throughout our family and business lives, and these systems are meant to help us be more productive and to make better decisions.

John Stewart and Patrick Donohoe discuss how financial systems and processes affect our lives. Effectively used, systems can improve our decision-making and help us become more productive.  Both John and Patrick describe how the Infinite Banking Concept has impacted their lives from a personal and professional stand-point.

The Infinite Banking Concept was popularized by Nelson Nash who wrote the book – Becoming Your Own Banker and recently released a new book – Building Your Warehouse of Wealth.  He has been a champion of financial freedom and the Infinite Banking Concept.  To learn more about Nelson Nash visit his website

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Table of Contents

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