Are You Familiar with Paid-Up Additions?

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PUA-cherryWhen considering the purchase of a Whole Life Insurance Policy, the primary benefits usually jump right out. For instance, yesterday we focused on the benefits of the cash-value. Today we’re going to look at Whole Life’s quiet virtue-the ‘PUA’ rider.

The PUA has many great qualities, often overlooked by those consumers just dabbling in learning more about whole life. In reality, the PUA is what structures your policy to fit your needs and wants. Because of the PUA your policy becomes unique to you.

Before we jump in though, here’s a quick review on some of Whole Life’s best qualities:

1. This insurance is for life with no term limits that have to be renewed.

2. Guaranteed Premiums

3. Death Benefit

4. Liquidity

5. Market Security

6. Tax-Benefits

7. Retirement Income

8. Family Legacy

9. Rate of Return

Was anything missed? Oh yeah,

10The PUA Rider

A “rider” is simply an additional provision that may be added to an insurance policy. It is a powerful, valuable asset for the policy-holder that gives you additional death and life benefits.

But the paid-up addition rider has a growing and guaranteed cash value that you can surrender, in part or completely – or use to secure your borrowing power – at any time.

In short, the PUA is like the delicious cherry on top of your sundae.

For more information read Agent Ryan Lee’s blog about the ‘PUA’ entitled “What is it Good For?


Q: What are paid additions in the context of life insurance, and how do they work?

A: Paid additions, also known as additional paid-up insurance, are optional purchases that policyholders can make to increase the death benefit and cash value of their life insurance policies. These additions are typically made with surplus dividends.

Q: What potential benefits do paid additions offer to policyholders?

A: Paid additions can enhance the policy’s death benefit and cash value, potentially increasing the financial security provided by the policy and offering the opportunity for further cash value growth over time.

Q: How can individuals determine if utilizing paid additions is a suitable strategy for their life insurance policies?

A: Individuals can assess their insurance needs, financial goals, and the availability of dividends within their policies to determine if utilizing paid additions aligns with their long-term financial planning objectives.

Table of Contents

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