How to Deal with Detractors and Naysayers

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Some people are content to go through life as financial lemmings, running with the most popular financial advice of friends, family, and celebrities. But as you continue to make decisions based on what others are doing and saying, you lose your sense of curiosity, instinct, and thirst for learning—three traits that could lead you to more prosperity than you know. Regarding financial strategy, some are meant to go against the crowd—but the key to succeeding in this environment is the confidence that comes from solid researching and making your own financial decisions. Just because everyone is jumping off of a cliff . . . well you get the idea.

Popular Financial Opinion

401(k) plans have become the most popular way for employers to keep employees loyal without offering a pension (assuming that your employer matches). Most industry observers and financial advisors agree that the 401(k) is a good thing and, when used correctly and given enough time, can be a powerful wealth builder—therein lies the catch. We’ve become so conditioned to build wealth through our investment in assets such as stocks, bonds, 401(k), that we’re not even stopping to think weather we’re using these vehicles the right way or what will happen if we need to make an early withdrawal. Sure, as a vehicle, a tank can be very powerful but also very destructive, depending on how we drive it.

You already know the stock market is volatile, but with a 401(k) you’re committing to take a chance; assuming you’ll come out on top. But when you run the real numbers of a 401(k), adding up the fees, deferred tax (that is essentially impossible to determine, because you’ll pay that in the future when you withdrawal), and any penalties you incur the 401(k) comes up short. We’re not dead-set against the 401(k), but we want you to research and even greater investment that provides higher returns than any of these. And we want you to learn as much as possible to feel confident, because what we suggest goes against the grain even though banks, corporations, and the wealthy have been using this strategy for a hundred years.

The Perpetual Wealth Strategy

Most well-known financial advisors don’t like permanent life insurance, because you can’t recommend it to the masses without deeper instruction for how to use it wisely. We want to share with you a method for using permanent life insurance to grow your wealth guaranteed and also have access to liquid cash through a paid up cash addition. Yes, that’s right—access your cash while you grow your wealth—the best of both worlds.

Your first step to hear more about The Perpetual Wealth Strategy is to take 2 minutes to sign up for a FREE, extensive eCourse called Infinite 101®. You’ll be on your way to the education you need to make smarter financial decisions. We’re confident you’ll see the value of going against the grain. What happened when you tell others about the financial treasure you found? They may be skeptical. How do you deal with detractors?

How to Deal with Detractors

In the article Best 8 Ways to Deal with Detractors by Leo Babauta, he makes a great point that you don’t want to let them slow you down. You should take detractors seriously, but not personally. So when dealing with acquaintances, friends, and loved ones who may have a different financial paradigm than you, use Leo Babauta’s solutions:

First learn to identify them. Sometimes we don’t realize that someone is being a detractor. They may be a close friend or spouse or other trusted person, so when they scoff or say negative things, we trust them and take it to heart. But there’s a difference between being realistic and just being a naysayer. Learn to listen to what others are saying, and see what your reaction is. If it discourages you, makes you feel like quitting, then maybe this person is being a detractor.

See if they have a valid point

Like I said, sometimes they are just trying to be realistic. They might have a good reason for their negativity. Step back, objectively think about whether they are bringing up a real obstacle that must be overcome, and if so, figure out how to overcome it. It’s rarely insurmountable. If you want it enough, you can figure out a solution. Now, if they don’t have a valid point, read on.

Zap any negative thoughts they give you

Detractors have a way of taking their negative thoughts and transferring them to you. Suddenly, there’s a seed of doubt. And it can grow into a huge oak tree of doubt, with roots that tear up the foundation of your goals. Stop those negative thoughts as soon as possible. Push them out, and think positive thoughts instead. Don’t let them overcome you.

Realize that there will always be detractors, and let them slide off you like water on a duck’s back

In every person’s life, there will be at least one detractor, if not more. You cannot completely avoid them. But you don’t need to listen to them. Just smile, and let them talk. Their words cannot stop you. They have no effect on you if you ignore their words.

Confront them, and get them on your side

Sometimes the detractor is someone close to you, someone you cannot ignore. If so, it’s best to enlist the help of this person instead of fighting against them. Do this as early as possible. Tell them that this goal is very important to you, that you need them to help you find a way to accomplish that goal, and you cannot do it without their help. Tell them that you realize they have doubts, but you really need them to be positive, and support you. They can be your best ally, instead of your worst detractor.

Laugh with them

Sometimes people are uncomfortable when you make a change, and so in order to ease this discomfort, they will make jokes or tease you. This probably has less to do with you than it does with their discomfort. They don’t know how else to deal with this change. Realize this, and just laugh. If you take it as a good-natured joke, sometimes this will disarm them. They may continue to make jokes, but it won’t be as tense and won’t have as much an effect on you if you just keep laughing.

Have counterarguments ready, and inform them

Sometimes people are just misinformed. They might have misunderstandings about what you are doing. Know all of their arguments, and the common potential arguments, and have counterarguments ready. Do your research, and be very informed. Then try to educate your detractor. If you do it right, with a positive, sincere attitude, you might actually get the person to listen, and perhaps even change their mind. If not, at the very least you know better, and you don’t let their arguments create doubt in your mind.

Be secure in the knowledge that you are doing something good

Sometimes there’s nothing you can do. You can’t win them over, you can’t avoid them, and you can’t laugh with them. So you have to just ignore them, and keep telling yourself that when you do achieve your goal, that will be your reward for enduring this detractor.

Again, there will always be detractors in your life. But they are just more obstacles that you have to overcome to get to your goal. There will always be obstacles, but if you think positive, and seek solutions, you can beat them (or get them to join you).

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