How to Bulletproof Your Retirement Portfolio

bulletproof retirement portfolio

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Does your roadmap to retirement consist of a 401(K)? That’s a common piece to most portfolios, but is it your only bet when it comes to your life savings? The 401(k) is the most famous financial vehicle, perhaps because there’s potential for tremendous success—with tremendous risk attached. Every time you contribute to your 401(k), you don’t necessarily grow your value—Wall Street does. When the market takes a dive, you can literally watch your retirement security plummet. And making hardship withdrawals? That’s known as a 401(k) breach and you’ll pay big penalties. It’s no secret that today’s market is volatile, and who knows what the market will be like when you’re ready to retire. How can you create a bulletproof retirement portfolio?

2 Phases of Retirement

Your retirement happens in two phases: an accumulation phase and a distribution phase. The accumulation phase is like hiking up the mountain: you work, you save, and you plan for the future. You reach the peak of the mountain on your retirement day. Hooray! You’re retired! Now you begin hiking down the mountain, entering into your distribution phase. This is where your focus shifts to distributing the wealth you’ve worked hard to accumulate over your lifetime.

Regardless of how much money you’ve saved, two financial powers affect the accumulation and distribution of wealth: Interest rates and rate of return. These rates determine, hands down, how much money you’ll have when you reach the peak—retirement.

If you don’t have a high enough rate of return, you might need to push retirement back a few months or years. If you can secure a really high rate of return, then you’ll be able to summit the peak sooner. The date you retire is crucial, because the rate of return varies from year to year.

Seems pretty straightforward, right? Here’s where it gets tricky.

The traditional financial services industry manages trillions and trillions of dollars. They want to keep all that money so it will circulate and they can collect fees.  Financial managers use a specific set of mathematic equations to figure out the right combination of stocks and bonds in your portfolio. With the right withdrawal rates, you probably won’t run out of money.

It’s a gamble. Ultimately, it’s an attempt to answer the question, “How much income can I ‘safely’ draw from my retirement fund on an annual basis and have some reasonable assurance that I’ll have money for the rest of my life?” And what if you do live longer than your money lasts? Traditional financial planning makes no accommodation for this change.

Fortunately, we do.

The Strategy for a Bulletproof Retirement Portfolio

Perpetual Wealth Strategy

Let us introduce you to a strategy that is guaranteed to deliver a bulletproof retirement portfolio. The Perpetual Wealth Strategy is a holistic financial plan that paves the way for not only your retirement, but leaving a legacy.

Permanent life insurance is one of the most misunderstood financial products, yet has sparked the attention of pop-culture financial media for significant reasons. Let’s explore why so many corporations and banks value this asset enough that they hold tens of billions of dollars of it. (They would likely invest even more if they could—the FDIC regulates a cap on the amount of insurance they are allowed to hold.)

Banks and corporations recognize that life insurance is not necessarily “death insurance” but truly life insurance. They know how to use life insurance for its lucrative living benefits. This is not usually how life insurance is presented and sold to individuals; which is why there’s such a disconnect about the topic. You can enhance the benefits you receive by learning how to use this product wisely—taking advantage of the most valuable investment traits;: Liquidity, Safety, Tax Benefits, and Rate of Return.

The Perpetual Wealth Strategy is not a get-rich quick tactic. It’s a proven, disciplined, steadfast way to build, grow, and access your wealth for the rest of your life. With a little thought, careful planning, self-discipline,  and the right coaching, it’s seriously as easy as this:

  1. Open a whole life insurance policy with a cash addition
  2. Sock away cash
  3. Watch your money grow safely and steadily
  4. Retire
  5. Use the policy loan provision to borrow money from yourself
  6. Pay yourself back
  7. Borrow money from yourself again
  8. Pay yourself back…again
  9. Pass the money and strategy down to your family

Let Paradigm Life show you how to take a burden off your shoulders so you can look forward to the wonderful things retirement can bring; time with friends and family, exploring, relaxing, serving, and learning. We look forward to speaking with you about the financial matters that matter most to you.

The keystone to this strategy is found in a well-planned whole life insurance policy with a paid-up cash addition. It’s the best way we know to diversify, grow, access, and protect what you have so you can enjoy a bulletproof retirment.

To learn more about the Perpetual Wealth Strategy, we invite you to take 2 minutes to sign up for a FREE, extensive eCourse called Infinite 101®. You’ll receive access to video tutorials, articles, and podcasts. It literally costs you nothing to become educated on this ideal financial strategy and start changing your wealth paradigm!

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Table of Contents

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