An Important Note Of Caution – By Tony Robbins

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Tony Robbins is one of the worlds greatest personal coaches and influencers. In this very recent video (August 2010) he expresses some of his major concerns about the state of our economy. Robert Kiyosaki, another recently famous author, wrote in his book Prophecy about the coming storm of events (unfortunately a lot of individuals did not pay close attention to this work as it was written 7 years ago)

However, for about 100 years there has been a school of economists which have included the likes of FA Hayek and Ludwig Von Mises ( and who have likewise predicted recurring business cycles because of fundamental flaws in the US monetary system.Paradigm Life has been teaching these principles for over 3 years and our clients have been able to create a system that both protects wealth during down markets as well as take advantage of specific opportunites that come as a result of such downturns. Please pay close attention to Tony as his opinion is founded not solely on his own intellect and observation but that of his circle of influence as well which inlcudes some of the elite movers and shakers of our day.

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Table of Contents

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