Leslie Barlow

Manager of Insurance Operations

Meet Leslie, a dedicated and passionate professional who has been a part of the Paradigm Life team since 2013. With a drive to put her clients first, Leslie has made it her mission to provide top-notch customer service and support. As a leader, Leslie is always looking for creative ways to manage and support her team, ensuring they feel valued and appreciated. Her dedication to personal development has made her a valuable asset to the company, and she has a firm belief in the importance of financial stability. Leslie grew up in Missouri but she now calls Salt Lake City home with her husband Erich and their three children. With a love for the great outdoors, Leslie and her family can often be found camping, hiking, and exploring the beautiful local mountains. She also loves hosting friends and family, traveling, and living by the motto “work hard, play hard.” Leslie has incorporated the Infinite Banking Concept into her own family’s financial planning, and she is dedicated to teaching her children the importance of financial stability as they grow older. Leslie is a well-rounded individual who is dedicated to her work, her family, and her personal growth.

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