3 Military Tactics to Use for Defeating Debt

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tacticWinter is quickly approaching and every year without fail I’m reminded of how awesome it is to get that first snow. Nothing is more memorable than the epic snowball battles I had in college on the campus of Virginia Tech as a military cadet. The game was every man for himself, and though I was easily outnumbered, I would always rely on military tactics to cause my adversaries to retreat.

I think of debt the same way. When it comes to battling it, every man is for himself. Unlike the snowball wars engaged by playful college kids, debt plays with a very heavy hand that can leave you broken and financially scarred. But, just like I used the military tactics from school to beat the enemy, those same tactics can be used to defeat debt.

There are actual proven strategies that we can leverage to completely obliterate debt. It’s called the Infinite Banking Concept.

Tactic #1 -Know your Enemy: 

Conventional wisdom says we should pay down debt that has the highest interest rate. That’s not necessarily true. You’re much better off paying down the debt that is the most inefficient. Look at the ratio of the debt balance versus the minimum payment.

Tactic #2 -Use Your Firepower Wisely:

When you know which debt to tackle first, it often times makes sense to take out a loan from your policy to accelerate the pay down of debt.

Tactic #3  -Remain Disciplined:

Paying down debt takes discipline, no doubt about it.  Using your insurance policy incentivizes you to stick to the long term debt repayment plan knowing that all the loan payments are going straight back into your personal economy for long term growth and future utility.

Talk to an agent at Paradigm Life to help you eliminate debt quickly. With knowledge and the right plan of action you can easily develop personalized strategies to win your battle over debt.

Eric Patterson


Q: What is the first military tactic for defeating debt?

A: The first tactic involves identifying inefficiencies in debt management, akin to a military strategy of understanding the battlefield, to optimize debt repayment strategies.

Q: How can financial tools be used as a second tactic in managing debt?

A: The second tactic suggests using financial tools, like loans from insurance policies, strategically, much like how military equipment is utilized efficiently.

Q: What is the role of discipline in the third tactic for debt management?

A: The third tactic emphasizes maintaining strict discipline in debt repayment, drawing a parallel with military discipline, to ensure consistent progress towards debt freedom.

Table of Contents

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