Perpetual Wealth Strategy

eLearn to Achieve Financial Independence

Perpetual Wealth 101® is an eCourse that teaches you The Perpetual Wealth Strategy and how it will guide you to a more certain and prosperous financial future.

The course consists of video tutorials that guide you through two phases of education:

Phase 1 is called Financial Foundation and it outlines the problems with Wall Street and the Banking industry and how they are affecting the financial future of individuals.

Phase 2 is specifically targeted education that relates to where you are in the financial life cycle. These cycles include the Growth, Income and Legacy stages that are essential to gaining financial independence.

The Four Financial Life Stages

The individual who is in early stages of their career and working to pay off debt, build savings and secure a foundation.

The established individual who has chosen their career and are striving to build more wealth and prepare for large expenses.

The individual who is soon to be an empty nester and is in the final years of their career looking to the next step of retirement.

The individual who has left their career and is seeking secure lifestyle income, prepare for long term care expenses and ensure a legacy for their family.

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Specific Topics Covered Include

How to reduce your reliance on the financial products offered by Wall Street and The Banking Industry.

How to eliminate the necessity of consumer credit by a unique way to borrow money from a private mutual insurance company.

How to shape your unique financial goals using The Perpetual Wealth Strategy.

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