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Perpetual Wealth - Growth

Build wealth in a revolutionary way using sound financial principles and proven strategies.

Premium Benefits

Whether you are an established investor, single executive, successful real estate professional or the starter family, you can take your wealth to the next level by safely growing your assets, efficiently managing your debt and optimizing the business of you. Our free eLearning program has the education and resources to show how anyone can take their finances to the next level. Here are a few of the benefits from what you will learn.


Increased certainty regarding the growth of your assets.


Increase in the availability of credit and financing.


Control over your liquidity and utilization of your wealth.


Privacy and Asset Protection.


A map to a more financially abundant future.

Cash Flow

Improved Cash Flow.

Solutions For Everyone

Solutions For Everyone

Your financial goals are unique to you and no matter how distant they might seem, educating yourself today will accelerate the pace to get there quicker.

At Paradigm Life®, our goal is to shift the traditional financial mindset and strategy of using Wall Street and Banks to a new mindset. The new mindset uses unique wealth building products offered by private mutual insurance companies, combined with wealth strategy. The Perpetual Wealth Strategy aligns with the principles of cash flow not accumulation, certainty not risk and control. These financial tools, strategies and principles have been known by the wealth for generations and are now accessible to you.

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The Growth Stage In Action

The principles of the Perpetual Wealth Strategy™ will put you back in the driver's seat of building your wealth on the road to financial independence and you can learn about it without obligation.

Would it surprise you that 95% of banks use these tools to store their liquidity called tier 1 capital? Or that the majority of corporate executive compensation and golden parachutes plans are funded by these same vehicles? Corporations like HP and GE follow this strategy. Banks such as Wells Fargo and Bank of America hold 10's of billions inside of these accounts. Families like the Rockefeller's also use the same private financial products as part of their generational wealth plan.

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The Growth Stage In Action