How to Grow as an Investor

How to Grow as an Investor

I think we all hit those levels where life starts to get routine and mundane and boring. You want something new. I think this happens professionally as a business owner. We’re up to 60 plus people that work at Paradigm and I see this time and time again where somebody comes in to the company and they’re excited, it’s a cool environment and we have cool stuff going on. But when they’re there for a while, they start to do their job and they start to perfect this and it just becomes this routine and suddenly the excitement is gone. We’ve gone and taken strides to really figure out what people want and where they’re at in their growth cycle because that need for uncertainty is going to manifest even the beginning.

I think the same thing exists with human nature. We have to be growing, we have to be learning more. We’re driven to that. And if we don’t meet that need, there is gonna be some negative things that happen. So sometimes when you look at uncertainty, uncertainty can be a really good thing because it pushes you into this realm of growing, and certainty sometimes is painful when you’re going back to the investment mistakes people make. I’ve made investment mistakes, I’ve made business mistakes, I’ve made a lot of different mistakes but I really look at the anxiety that’s in the moment. I’ve learned that that anxiety is part of this overall growth process and I know that I’m gonna learn from that. It’s one of those things where we’re always learning but I think if you recognize just this cycle of life and what we’re in then we’re going to be able to kinda pull ourselves out of that emotion and address the topic with a rational mind. And we’re human and it’s always gonna happen, we’re always gonna have emotion involved in whatever we’re thinking. I think as you just kinda acclimate to these principles, it’s gonna make it more enjoyable.

So looking at anxiety. One of the crazy masochistic things I do is Crossfit and what I love about crossfit is there is this variety, there’s uncertainty, I show up every morning and it’s a different workout. And what’s awesome is it has that component of growth and the component of growth is pushing you to the limit. There are 15 other people that are doing the exact same workout. There is a girl at our gym now that like kills me and it’s frustrating and she’s just incredibly athletic and strong and it’s one of those things where I wanna push myself, I wanna get to different levels and sometimes you need that person to push you to the next level.

So what I would say is regardless of the situation, let’s talk professionally here investment-wise, if you’re plateaued, if you’re at a routine, you’re gonna have to find some variety. And it’s not variety like going out and taking huge risks. One idea is finding a mentor, finding somebody that has just killed it and seeing what they’re doing and maybe start to pursue that business or that investment or pursue whatever the activity is that intrigues you. Because looking at one of the things that I really do believe is the fact that our success and our drive in life really comes from our peer groups and if you’re the smartest guy in the room then you’re in the wrong room.

The key to not getting into this rut is to find constructive, and organized ways to really be less organized. Maybe not less organized, but more diverse. To experience new things. Learn from people who have been through the experience and try new ways of investing.

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How to Grow as an Investor

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