Many consider the “first stock market,” to be established around the year 1530 in Belgium. There wasn’t any stock involved. It was actually a marketplace; a location where people gathered to transact goods, or do business. By the 1600’s, the maritime countries began their long voyages to the East Indies.Continue Reading

Once a graduate degree was considered one of the most prestigious and pursued degrees in the world, and most would agree that it still holds its place. Twenty or even ten years ago, having a graduate degree did allow an applicant to stand apart from the crowd.  Now a graduateContinue Reading

Join Paradigm Life in the final Summer Webinar of 2014! The presentation will begin Promptly at 6:00 p.m. (MDT) on Thursday, September 4th, 2014. Family banking done the right way is an enduring philosophy that will help perpetuate a family’s legacy. Ryan Lee will be discussing key concepts of infiniteContinue Reading

With the school year quickly approaching, paying for college expenses is likely on the minds of many families. If you’re currently saving for that large expense, it is probably taking up a significant portion of your disposable income. Or maybe you’re a grandparent that has earmarked a portion of yourContinue Reading

Andy Tanner hosts Patrick Donohoe in a discussion about the financial benefits of permanent life insurance. Click here to watch this video on YouTube! Be sure to check out Infinite 101 for additional education.