There are many benefits that come when you own a whole life policy besides just the death benefit; and rarely do you see much written about the living benefits. However there are a lot of tax benefits too. When you own a whole life policy or permanent insurance policy, itContinue Reading

In October 1907, our country was seized by a serious financial panic during a time when we were already struggling through a recession. The NY Stock Exchange fell nearly 50% across the country. Havoc ensued as people withdrew massive amounts of money from their state and local banks. In response,Continue Reading

Whole Life Policy Insurance A Paid-Up Additions Rider is an addition or ‘add on’ to an insurance policy. Insurance riders can add additional benefits and help customize the original insurance policy to the unique needs of the purchaser. The Paid-Up Additions rider is one of the most popular insurance ridersContinue Reading

The Kennedy’s might not be the wealthiest family in the United States, but their lasting fortune settles today at around $1 billion dollars. We know the family has managed throughout the decades, to keep their members in prominent business and political positions (and their names in the headlines), but howContinue Reading

Confidence is an important word. It’s a big word. Confidence alone dictates many behaviors of people and industry. So, what about the confidence that people have today? — 2012 was a significant year for confidence (or lack of). The 2012 phenomenon idea spurred discussions and articles on large media outlets;Continue Reading

According to Associated Press statistics, 4 out of 5 U.S. citizens are currently unemployed, and most people have a lack of confidence in the economy. The U.S. Census Bureau measures poverty a number of ways, but typically if a family’s income is less than their threshold, than that family isContinue Reading