Simply put, banks are in business to make money – they profit by making money from our money. To ensure that this happens, most countries around the world have created a Central Banking system. Author G. Edward Griffin, in his classic work, The Creature from Jekyll Island, explains how theseContinue Reading

There are more known millionaires today than ever before in history. Last year, reportedly 2 million earned a spot on the World Wealth Report’s millionaires list, making for a global increase of 15% (USA Today). Many financial pundits credit the increase of recent millionaire incomes to the stock market –Continue Reading

For many individuals unfamiliar with how life insurance works, understanding it as an asset can come as a surprise. Key attributes of Life Insurance include, liquidity, tax-free growth, market protection, and guaranteed growth  – those living benefits are in addition to a policy also providing a death benefit. But whatContinue Reading

Banking with Whole Life Insurance gives the average American the opportunity to be in control of their personal economy. The Quandary: Our current free market economy has been seen as “under attack” from many individuals in the U.S. – news reporters, politicians, lobbyists and business owners. Regardless of how theContinue Reading