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It’s difficult to retain a sense of privacy in the world today. You can barely shop in retail now without being asked your phone number or zip code. The same rule applies to any time you go into a bank. Before any financial transaction is completed, a bank will require aContinue Reading

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If you were to look under a microscope at your cellular makeup, it appears that the cells are in complete chaos, without perceived direction. Yet, if you were to look at the whole of our human makeup, you can see that there is complete order and perfection within the chaos.Continue Reading

Why is it that some families in this country seem to have it all? Do they work harder? Are they luckier? Where they born under a lucky star? More than likely, it is none of the above. There’s a better than average chance they are the benefactors of preceding generationsContinue Reading

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Each of us make decisions, big and small, by comparing our emotional and rational sides. When it comes to finances and investing, this is no different. Too often, we believe that our rational side will be able to control our emotional side. If we’re being honest, however, emotions tend toContinue Reading

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If you have been on a cruise lately, you partook in a one-of-a-kind experience. Thousands of people board these billion-dollar miracle structures daily. In a year, millions cram into cabins the size of some of their closets at home, consume an endless array of cuisine, ice skate, rock climb, surfContinue Reading

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If you’re a parent with elementary school aged children, you’re familiar with the annual science fair project. One such project is the concept of how molecules of water are attracted to each other, and so are molecules of oil, so they quickly separate when mixed. The oil always floats onContinue Reading

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My perspective about life insurance was changed forever when I was looking up into the faces of my family from a hospital bed. We didn’t know if I was going to make it one more day or live to see my next birthday, let alone having a long life. IContinue Reading

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Long-Term Care… We all have reasons why we haven’t started planning, right? I have found, though, that people who have started on this path have good things to say.  They feel more in control and less worried about the future. They’ve made decisions about (1) where and how they wantContinue Reading