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We live in an immediate gratification society that often leads us to believe that everything should happen instantaneously. The devices we all carry around every day reinforce this. Any information we need is a Google search away. Typing a few characters and pressing send, can contact any of our friendsContinue Reading

Each of us have a specific tolerance for fear. What may cause the hair on the back of one person’s neck to stand up, brings the exhilaration of adrenaline to another person. Fear is one of the most powerful emotions we, as human beings, have. It can either motivate usContinue Reading

retirement policies aren't water-tight

Traditional Retirement Policies Aren’t Water-Tight Up the canyon in Ogden, Utah is a beautiful lake called Pineview Reservoir. One of our family’s favorite activities during the summer is to take the boat up in the evening for fun-filled activities like wakeboarding, tubing, and fishing. This has created some great familyContinue Reading

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