the cash value of whole life insurance

Whole life insurance policies have a unique feature that makes them ideal vehicles for growing and protecting wealth—cash value. But how does cash value work? How does it grow? How do you access your money and what are the tax implications? Let’s break it down. What is the Cash ValueContinue Reading

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One of the most common questions we get from our clients at Paradigm Life is, “Why have I not heard about this strategy before?” After discussing all the basic benefits of the Perpetual Wealth Strategy, it’s hard to believe this strategy is not widely known. The basic benefits include: Guarantees:Continue Reading

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At Paradigm Life we often get clients that have credit card debt and they just don’t quite know how to dig out of it. They know it is a serious issue, but never know how severe it truly is. Some have heard of a “snowball effect” and apply that strategy.Continue Reading

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The common opinion of most Americans when it comes to whether FDIC insurance, if they ever think about the FDIC, is that it provides guaranteed security. One specific example came from my own son as I was writing this article. He said he was told in his high school’s academyContinue Reading

Unlike any other investment, Infinite Banking gives you the ability to utilize your policy without forfeiting growth. In this webinar, Ryan Lee will be discussing with you how you can leverage your policy and utilize cash value to achieve your short-term financial goals. Please join us on July 1st, 2014Continue Reading

Click here to join the second Summer webinar of 2014! In this webinar, Nate Butler of Paradigm Life will be teaching you all about the basics of Infinite Banking. The who, what, where, when, why, and how of the Infinite Banking Concept as it relates to business owners and theirContinue Reading

Agricultural Businesses Strengthen Economy A recent survey of banks serving rural areas showed that the economy is remaining strong in 10 Midwest and Western states. The reason that these rural areas are able to maintain a strong economy is because these states have strong agricultural businesses. The Rural Mainsteet surveyContinue Reading

American Dream The American Dream has been a driving force for entrepreneurs in the United States for many years. America cultivates an environment in which the common man can work his way towards prosperity and success and this environment has enabled entrepreneurs to envision and build the business that theyContinue Reading

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