Typical tax-deferred or tax-advantage savings plans haven’t proven themselves to be a guaranteed way to help people keep more of their savings protected from the tax man. This is for two reasons. First, the tax bill does come due when account owners withdraw money as income and secondly, because ofContinue Reading

We’ve all heard reports about wages staying relatively stagnant year after year. This news is depressing, especially as we face an increasingly uncertain future, with astronomically rising healthcare costs and zig-zagging financial markets. We are doing our best to save money and prepare for the day that we’ll no longerContinue Reading

Are you looking for ways to enjoy greater financial freedom? Perhaps you’re worried about spending too much of your monthly earnings, or maybe you just want to ensure a comfortable retirement for yourself down the road. Regardless of your reasoning for wanting to lead a more financially savvy lifestyle, theContinue Reading

With endless uncertainty and political turmoil surrounding Social Security, it’s no wonder that most Americans feel very wary about Social Security. They simply don’t have any confidence they will receive Social Security at all – or at least enough of it to get them through the final years of theirContinue Reading

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