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The emergency fund is like a necessary evil. We know we need one, yet hate that our cash lazily sits in it. We feel guilty if we don’t have one. In terms of an emergency fund, many of us fall into one of two groups: Either we can’t justify leavingContinue Reading

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How you’ve been taught to measure your wealth may not be terribly effective, and it can set you up for disappointment down the road. Ask yourself: How do I measure wealth? If you are like most people (before they’ve had their eyes opened), you probably measure it by the typeContinue Reading

You’ve heard the old saying that “Cash is King.”  Those who have the cash, make the rules, it says.  Well, today, let’s use that idea to talk about the concept of “Cash FLOW as King!” Why Your Cash Flow is so Important  Cash flow dictates your financial reality and yourContinue Reading

Recently, I was watching a program about the myth of 15th century Europeans believing the world was flat. For years I was told, and probably everyone else was too, that Columbus sailed the ocean blue to disprove that the world was not flat, but round (livescience.com).  It dawned on me,Continue Reading

The news practically went viral when Utah blogger, Lisa Henderson announced on her Over the Moon site that she and her husband were cancelling Christmas. Why? After recognizing some entitlement attitudes from her three gift-focused boys, she decided to nix the traditional festivities and refocus her kids on attitudes ofContinue Reading

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