In this episode of Infinite Banking Radio, Patrick Donohoe is joined by Sean Fleming; one of Paradigm Life’s agents. Sean and Patrick discuss life insurance dividends. What are dividends? How do dividends relate to infinite banking? Who are dividends paid out to? what can you use dividends for? Join PatrickContinue Reading

Listen in as Patrick Donohoe hosts Paradigm Life Agent, Bill Fagergren, in a brief discussion about Mutual Fund Fees. For more information about Paradigm Life and Infinite Banking, visit our resources page or contact us at or by phone at 1-800-870-8670.

Listen in to Paradigm Life’s first podcast of 2014 as Patrick Donohoe and Ryan Lee discuss Mutual Funds. Patrick and Ryan talk about the history of Mutual Funds, and how they are used today. What is the difference in fee structure between insurance and mutual funds? How are fees structuredContinue Reading

In this episode of Infinite Banking Radio, Patrick Donohoe is joined by two of Paradigm Life’s agents; Brad Gibb and John Stewart. Patrick, Brad, and John get together to discuss Inflation, and the affect that it has on individuals financially. What is inflation? How does it affect each individual? HowContinue Reading

Patrick Donohoe is joined by Paradigm Life’s Justin Atkinson on this episode of Infinite Banking Radio. Patrick and Justin discuss planning your finances to pay for college tuition; what financial vehicles people generally use, and particularly how the Infinite Banking Concept can be a great way to pay for yourContinue Reading

In this episode of Infinite Banking radio Patrick Donohoe is joined by Paradigm Life’s Brad Gibb. At the end of August 2013 Patrick and Brad were able to attend, “A Night of Clarity.” This is an event that discusses the current economic crisis. This year, the event was headlined byContinue Reading

In this edition of Infinite Banking Radio Patrick Donohoe is joined by Nate Butler of Paradigm Life, where they discuss the history and definition of Cash Value dating back to the Great Depression. Cash Value is a highly misunderstood term used in the financial industry. Listen to this podcast toContinue Reading

In this month’s Podcast Patrick Donohoe of Paradigm Life is joined byJason Rink Executive Director of “Banking With Life“, to discuss the benefits of Infinite Banking compared to our traditional banking system. Jason Rink has been in the financial industry for 14 years now, has written several books, and producedContinue Reading

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