Sliding China Market

Sliding China Market May Drag You With It China is on the other side of the world. What they do shouldn’t affect your investments, right? Wrong.  And the scary thing is that nobody can tell you how. That’s what we call a crapshoot. Maybe it’s time you get more informationContinue Reading

Cure for Cancer

 What If You Had a Cure for Cancer? Imagine if you discovered a simple cure for Cancer. Do you think it would be easy to convince the public to adopt your treatment? If you said, “No,” then you’re likely right. You may bounce from media outlets to pharmaceutical companies tryingContinue Reading

Self-Insurance is a MYTH

Why Self-Insurance is a Myth Oh, Dave Ramsey, you’re at it again. In a recent response to a reader’s question, Dave took a little bit of information from the reader and made some sweeping recommendations on actions that she could take. Unfortunately, those recommended actions could cost the reader andContinue Reading

The short answer is NO! The Basics of no-Cost Mutual Funds No-cost mutual funds, also called no-load mutual funds, do typically cost less in terms of fees than mutual funds that charge a sales commission – or load. But you will pay fees.  Fees are cleverly hidden in a numberContinue Reading

Life Insurance: The "AND" Asset

In this week’s episode of The Wealth Standard Radio, Host Patrick Donohoe talks with wealth strategist Justin Martin about the predominant financial paradigms that exist in our socio-economic world. Since being conditioned at an early age to “follow the American Dream,” Justin and Patrick encourage listeners to ask themselves: whatContinue Reading

The summer season brings many things to our existence – family picnics, fireworks, BBQ’s, vacations, and college. Though college is a noble aspiration and we want our kids to attend, it is often accompanied with this sincere question: How are we going to pay for it? According to Sallie Mae,Continue Reading

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