Life Insurance for Estate Planning blog header image

Considering life insurance for estate planning? Smart move! The right type of life insurance can provide substantial benefits to your heirs, help protect your business, and guarantee your legacy. In addition to a will, insurance policies—particularly those purchased through a trust—are one of the most secure financial tools to protectContinue Reading

Keep Wealth in the Family blog header image

Many parents have goals to build generational wealth, allowing their legacy to carry on financially after they’re gone. But growing wealth is only half of the equation—and, often, the easy part. How to keep wealth in the family presents a harder challenge. How can you pass down wealth to yourContinue Reading

What Is Cash Flow Insurance blog header image

A cash flow insurance policy can help protect you from market volatility, provide tax-free retirement income, reduce reliance on banks and third-party lenders, and help you keep more of your money. But what exactly is it? If you’ve never heard of cash flow insurance before, this article will explain theContinue Reading

What Is a Straight Life Annuity blog header image

A straight life annuity and a straight life insurance policy often get confused, but their respective benefits are very different. So, which one is right for you? In this article, we’ll explain the difference between a straight life annuity and a straight life policy, how to decide which one isContinue Reading

How to Borrow from Yourself with Infinite Banking blog header image

Hear the phrase ‘borrow from yourself’ and most people think of their personal bank savings account. Dipping into funds you had set aside for a rainy day. But did you know there’s a better way to borrow your own money? It’s called infinite banking. Infinite banking is a wealth strategyContinue Reading

3 Ways to Buy Life Insurance for Children blog header image

Buying life insurance for your children may have never crossed your mind. After all, aren’t you the one who is likely to pass away first? But the right life insurance for your children can provide more than a death benefit. In fact, it can help set your kids up forContinue Reading

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