Cash flow banking for doctors

Doctors are unique in that their profession has two inherent costs: medical school and malpractice insurance. Doctors often rely on banks for the following: Paying for continuing education Buying a medical practice Purchasing medical equipment Personal expenses like home and auto loans To help cover these costs, doctors may endContinue Reading

Financial Certainty in Uncertain Times: A Message from Patrick Donohoe, CEO

It’s an emotional time for people all across the globe. I admit I have oscillated a bit from being motivated to nervous, frustrated and then back to motivated and excited again. During these times of uncertainty, the Paradigm Life Team and I wanted to connect and communicate with you inContinue Reading

Why women need whole life insurance

It’s not surprising to learn that only 56% of women have life insurance, compared to 66% of men. It wasn’t too many decades ago that the majority of women were stay-at-home moms and men were the primary breadwinners. But times have changed. The reasons why women need whole life insuranceContinue Reading

Finding opportunity in market volatility

If you’re an investor who awoke to the chaos surrounding market volatility this morning, the fear and uncertainty brought on by the 1,900-point Dow Jones drop due to oil prices and coronavirus effects likely resulted in an unpleasant way to start your Monday. The panic was so severe, a circuitContinue Reading

Best Investments for Your Tax Return

The average tax refund last year was $2,869, according to Bankrate. While average tax returns vary greatly from state to state, it’s not exactly a bad thing if you’re getting much less than $3k back from the IRS. In fact, your ideal tax return should amount to as close toContinue Reading