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Wade Borth

Wealth Strategist

Wade was raised on a farm in North Dakota where he understood the benefits of long term planning, safety of assets, and hard work. Wade received Bachelors of Arts degrees in Economics and Mathematics from Jamestown College and has continued his education ever since. Wade has been in the financial services business for over 25 years. He has learned that there is more money to be made by avoiding losses then by trying to increase a rate of return. Wade is actively using the privatized banking processes, through the use of cash values of his Life Insurance policies, in his personal and professional life. He learned of the Infinite Banking Concept over 10 years ago after meeting personally with Nelson Nash. Wade has a passion for teaching people how to create a safe, liquid, and predictable pool of money that allows them to experience the true freedom of financing without the bank.

Wade still resides in North Dakota, with his wife Lynette and their 8 year old son Joshua, where they enjoy spending time outdoors.

Top Financial Books:

  • Becoming your own banker, Unlocking the Infinite Banking Concept
    -R Nelson Nash
  • The path to Financial Piece of Mind
    -Dwayne Burnell
  • Thou Shall Prosper
    -Rabbi Daniel Lapin

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