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Patrick Donohoe, CEO
Patrick Donohoe, CEO

Recent Episode

Patrick Welcomes Rock Jefferies / Life – Episode 12


Rock Jefferies is one of Patrick's oldest friends.  They've known each other for decades and he's here for his first appearance on The Wealth Standard.

Rock has an incredible story to tell!  Sadly, it's a story that many entrepreneur's will be able to relate to as a result of the economic collapse of 2008

That's how Rock lost everything...

His life was reduced to rubble & he was forced to evolve, adapt & completely change the way he lives his life.  Rock will also be the first to tell you, he has a ways to go before he has everything figured out.

While this experience has given him a solid education, taught by rough circumstances, he says the most important thing it's taught him is stop worrying about things he can't control.

In episode-12, of our first season called Life, Patrick and Rock swap "war stories" of tragedy and triumph, which ultimately helped both of them maximize their greatest asset!